The best international summer camps in Italy - summer 2020

Italy is one of the most appreciated countries for its historical, artistic, cultural and landscape richness. If you are planning a trip to Italy and are looking for a selection of international summer camps, you are in the right place!

There are in fact many summer camps in Italy that welcome children from all over the world and where English is spoken and practiced. Below you can find a small selection:

  • Bellamonte International Camp - near Trento, NOTHERN ITALY
  • Bellamonte International Camp - near Trento, NOTHERN ITALY


    L’International camp di Bellamonte propone un campo estivo in inglese per ragazzi dai 6 ai 16 anni in un ambiente internazionale rilassato e confortevole, con insegnanti e amici di diverse nazionalità. Le nostre vacanze per ragazzi hanno come obiettivo la conoscenza della lingua inglese, l’integrazione culturale e la nascita di nuove amicizie fra ragazzi di diversi paesi. The Bellamonte International Camp offers an English summer camp for children aged 6 to 16 years in a relaxed and comfortable international environment, with teachers and friends of different nationalities. Our children's holidays’ goals are the knowledge of the English language, cultural integration and the birth of new friendships between young people from different countries.


    In our camp there are no classroom lessons but sports, role-playing games, art, craft, science and cooking workshops always offered in English by mother tongue teachers and by expert and knowledgeable Italian educators. The typical day at the camp takes place mainly outdoors: rafting, paintball, skating, archery and visits to the adventure park are just some of the activities offered to kids in our kids' holidays. We think that living the mountain is a fundamental experience, for this reason at least three times a week the children of the camp will be able to leave for excursions throughout the day and, weather permitting, stop to sleep in tents or in huts. Sunday, on the other hand, is the day we have chosen to dedicate to relaxation and shopping, because sometimes it is right to rest!


    The Camp takes place at the Park Hotel Sancelso in Bellamonte, completely dedicated to the kids' stay.


    The camp is for children aged 6 to 16.


    The camp takes place in Bellamonte, province of Trento, Trentino Alto-Adige

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